Ensure a seamless experience at Legend Valley by bringing your credit or debit card for quicker and more secure transactions!

Embrace the advantages of our Cashless system, which include reduced touchpoints, swifter transactions, and shorter lines. All on-site points of sale, spanning from Merch Stands to Food & Beverage Vendors, General Store, Showers, Lockers, and beyond, will exclusively accept debit or credit cards.

Village Glamping!

In the event that you arrive with cash on hand, fret not! Head to one of our Cash-To-Card Exchange Locations to convert your cash into a pre-paid Visa card, valid anywhere Visa is accepted. These convenient stations will be situated adjacent to both General Stores in the Village Marketplace and within the festival grounds. You can exchange any amount between $40 to $500 per card.


I LACK A CREDIT OR DEBIT CARD. WILL VENDORS ACCOMMODATE CASH PAYMENTS IF IT’S MY ONLY FORM OF CURRENCY? Most vendors will not accept cash. However, you can easily convert your cash into a pre-paid Visa card upon arrival.

SHOULD I CARRY CASH AS A BACKUP? ARE THERE ANY SITUATIONS WHERE CREDIT, DEBIT, OR PRE-PAID CARDS WON’T BE ACCEPTED? Having some cash on hand is advisable for mobile services in the campgrounds, such as taxi services and ice vendors, which may not have access to card payment facilities.

WILL APPLE PAY / GOOGLE PAY / SAMSUNG PAY BE ACCEPTED? While certain vendors may offer contactless payment via smartphones, not all will. It’s prudent to have a credit, debit, or pre-paid Visa card on hand.

WHERE CAN I EXCHANGE CASH FOR A CARD? Locate the Cash-To-Card Exchange adjacent to the General Store areas in the Village Marketplace and festival grounds. These facilities will operate during the same hours as the general stores.

HOW DOES THE CASH-TO-CARD EXCHANGE PROCESS WORK? Simply visit a Cash-To-Card Exchange Location and provide the cashier with your desired cash amount, ranging from $40 to $500. Your cash will be loaded onto a pre-paid Visa card, with a receipt of the transaction sent via email or SMS. Please note that only paper bills, not coins, will be accepted.

The pre-paid Visa card you receive functions like any other Visa card and can be used at The Crystal Ball or anywhere worldwide that accepts Visa cards.

WILL THERE BE ATM MACHINES ONSITE? No, ATMs will not be available onsite.

WHAT IF I MISPLACE MY CREDIT, DEBIT, OR PRE-PAID CARD? Visit Lost & Found to check if your card has been returned. For bank or credit cards brought to the event, a matching Photo ID is required for retrieval. In the case of a pre-paid Visa card purchased onsite, you’ll need to present the SMS or email receipt received during the transaction.

If your lost card cannot be located, you’ll need to visit a Cash-To-Card location to purchase a replacement.

ARE THERE ANY FEES ASSOCIATED WITH CASH-TO-CARD TRANSACTIONS? Exchanging cash for a card incurs no fees. There’s no service charge for the first 6 months on cards. Subsequently, a monthly fee will apply, and the card will expire after 2 years.