Let’s Create Our Own City!

Restricted ITEMS & Permitted Items. When you camp at The Crystal Ball, you’re not merely attending the festival; you become an integral part of it. You immerse yourself in a community alongside fellow Headbangers. In this moment, nothing else holds significance.

Below, we offer a variety of camping options for you to choose from. However, please note that premium camping types tend to sell out quickly due to limited

Village Glamping!

As we delve into the planning stages of The Crystal Ball, we’re filled with immense gratitude for each and every one of you who contributed to the unforgettable experience of last year. Your boundless energy, fervent passion, and invaluable feedback played a pivotal role in elevating the festival to new heights, making it our most successful and seamlessly executed event to date.

Organizing a festival of such grandeur is no small feat, and we’re delighted to witness the ongoing enhancements year after year. We trust that you share in our satisfaction with the continuous progress. After carefully considering the feedback received, we’re excited to unveil some of the highlights you can anticipate for 2024.

Ticket Pricing

Preserving The Crystal Ball as an accessible event for all is paramount to us, thus we’ve endeavored to maintain ticket prices as close to last year’s as possible.

  • General Admission (GA) prices have only seen a modest increase of $25 in each tier compared to 2023.
  • Prices for GA Car Camping, Quiet Camping, Tent-Only Forest Camping, GA Tent-Only Camping, Early Entry, and Parking Passes remain unchanged from last year.
  • Just as in previous editions, $25 Loyalty Discount codes will be distributed to those who registered their 2023 wristbands, redeemable for a one-time use until Sunday, January 21.

Payment Plans

The $50 Deposit Payment Plan, which witnessed unprecedented popularity last year, will return for 2024 but will only be available for the initial three days of ticket sales!

Headbanger Hotel Packages Return

This all-encompassing travel bundle makes a triumphant return! Secure your tickets, hotel accommodations, and daily shuttle rides in one seamless package. Opt for GA or VIP tickets and enjoy lodging at one of six designated hotels in Downtown Columbus, complete with direct shuttle service for maximum convenience.

The Bridge

Arguably one of the most significant improvements of the 2023 festival, The Bridge facilitated smoother entry from camping grounds to the festival than ever before. We remain committed to enhancing road crossing experiences based on your feedback and our observations of peak crossing times, ensuring accessibility for all attendees.

Grove Stage Area Improvements

While the debut of this new stage area and the Silent Disco was nearly flawless, the prevalent issue of dust garnered considerable attention, attributed to the relatively dry summer in our region. For this year, we’ve implemented strategies to mitigate dust and enhance the overall area to better accommodate the crowd.

Growing Club Cloaca

What initially began as a lighthearted concept to educate visitors about dinosaurs’ cloaca evolved into a dynamic space where artists could host impromptu late-night sets, experiment with new music, engage in back-to-back performances with peers, and explore various genres. Owing to overwhelming demand, we’ll be expanding Club Cloaca this year, allowing more enthusiasts to partake in the experience!

Expanded Entrance Lanes

Gate entry times reached unprecedented efficiency with the introduction of additional lanes for all attendees, along with a separate entrance area for VIPs, who particularly appreciated the streamlined entry into the Prehistoric Stage VIP area. Improving wait times remains a focal point for our team across the entirety of the festival.

VIP Experience

The positive reception towards the new entrance area, dedicated merch booth, complimentary showers, and more was truly heartening. We’re committed to further enhancing the Wompy Woods VIP restroom areas, Wi-Fi zones, seating arrangements, and overall VIP experience based on your feedback.

Campground Music

The vibrant atmosphere of two full days of pre-festival revelry in the campgrounds was truly remarkable! Music in The Village Marketplace and The Grove will make a triumphant return this year, featuring performances by some of your favorite artists from the lineup.

Expanding Jurassic Glamping

Following the resounding success of the South Jurassic Glamping area, which sold out as swiftly as its North counterpart, we’re thrilled to introduce a third location for 2024: Village Glamping!

Wi-Fi for Glampers and VIP

The addition of Wi-Fi access to Jurassic Glamping and VIP areas received favorable feedback, and we’re committed to its ongoing improvement to ensure seamless connectivity for all.

Shuttle Buses

Expect more shuttle services to and from the South Parking Lot for day parking, especially during peak hours.

Once again, a heartfelt thank you to everyone who shared their invaluable feedback with us. Your insights have been instrumental in shaping The Crystal Ball into the extraordinary event it is today. As we eagerly anticipate the future, we’re continually inspired by the unwavering love and dedication of our incredible community. Thank you for being the driving force behind The Crystal Ball!

With deepest appreciation,

– Team Crystal Ball